GCDO Service Creation Methodology


Don't let your legacy environment hold you back. GCDO can help.

Our agile Service Methodology leverages best-in-class technologies, accelerates your digital initiatives, and future-proofs your products and services to deliver long-term value to your customers and end users. Our collaborative, automated approach drives instant value from existing technology investments to optimize cost, reduce risk and improve IT infrastructure performance - without business disruption.


GCDO TruExperience

A clear line of sight to your customer’s IT experience.

Customer satisfaction - whether for your internal users or external
 customers - is a primary concern of IT operations teams. Our
TruExperience platform provides a real-time, hyper-accurate view from the perspective of your end-users.

Key benefits include:

· Availability and performance metrics and analytics
· Detection, isolation and and resolution of performance issues in the IT infrastructure

Proactively identify problems early to minimize business impact.

GCDO TruFlow Workflow & Process Automation

Automation unlocks digital transformation. Our simple low-code structure and WPA platform improves your ability to act on data. We automate mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so you can devote more time to your digital initiatives – and reduce the time to market for new revenue streams.
Key benefits include:
· Quicker IT service delivery and time saved through automation
· Repeatable/auditable runbook processes
Align your business processes to IT to produce positive outcomes.

GCDO Digital Engagement

With a useful, usable and enjoyable customer experience, happy customers will come back.

Through the use of feature-rich, fast, available and secure, intelligent APIs, our digital engagement solution equips businesses to anticipate their customers’ needs across their favorite channel – whether text, email, voice or video.

Built on intelligent communications, our message toolset leverages communication exchanges to fine-tune the web work of carrier connections all over the globe.
Our powerful web API helps you optimize the quality and cost of your communications.

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Agile DevOps keeps you ahead of the curve

“84% of senior executives believe that agility is essential to achieve digital transformation yet only 27% consider themselves highly agile.”
The State of CX Management, Temkin Group, 2017

Our DevOps team helps build your DevOps culture so transformation initiatives succeed. We leverage your existing investment and resources to accelerate rapid product development and create an excellent customer experience.

At GCDO, our goal is to provide you with:

* Transparency and low friction across Dev and Ops teams

* The ability to rapidly respond to market changes and business needs.

* Greater reliability and service levels with scalable IT security and compliance.

* Consistent and reliable IT processes across the organization.

* Lower direct costs, lower indirect costs and higher operational efficiencies.

This focus results in true alignment with business objectives to help IT organizations continuously gain greater value from their IT infrastructure.

Risk-free digital transformation

“Infrastructure and operations leaders focused on IT operations transformation to drive business value should tightly align IT operations monitoring goals and outcomes with the business by focusing on end-user experience and customer journeys.”
Gartner, Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring (2018).

Digital transformation can cause disruption – and where there is disruption, there is risk of service outages that negatively impact the end-user experience.

GCDO’s proven Service Creation Methodology, combined with proven technology that captures the end user experience, helps mitigate disruption and won’t wreak havoc on your customer’s journey.

Is technology slowing down your problem solving?

GDCO harnesses your problem-solving potential to craft solutions as innovative as you – quickly. Working with you, we can dimension the problem, identify the technology capabilities require to solve it, and build a minimum viable product in 6-8 weeks.

The GCDO Service Creation Methodology is based on the following principles:


1.  Discovery and validation of requirements
2.  Creation of design blueprints and artifacts
3.  Execution according to DevOps/ITOps best practices
4.  Sustainability

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