What We Do

GCDO solves the most complex operational challenges through creative engineering and innovative technology.
We Empower

organizations to achieve operational stability and structure by enabling them to effectively identify and triage IT service impacting events.

We Enhance

operational effectiveness, efficiency and reliability – accelerating the operations management lifecycle.

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We Identify

isolate and provide actionable insight to support teams to resolve IT problems before they impact your business.

We Provide

operational views into the availability, health and performance of business applications and their associated IT infrastructures.

How We Do It

The GCDO Service Creation Methodology enables complex infrastructure to deliver revenue-generating services.

GCDO’s agile Service Creation Methodology delivers world-class IT solutions for service providers and OEMs in alignment with their business objectives, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. The methodology ensures rapid service delivery by focusing on critical performance attributes such as service assurance, automation, orchestration, security, and digital engagement.

Who We Do It For

Organizations that rely on IoT


OEMs partner with us and adopt GCDO solutions as part of their GTM

Enterprise Clients


We provide targeted offers for Retail/Contact Center 

Service Providers


Our experience with Tier 1s benefits all classes of SPs

We Grew Up In the IT Ops Industry

Gulf Coast DevOps represents the passionate pursuit of its founders to apply the collective experience of the past 20 years to assist todays’ innovators, service providers and consumers in speeding adoption of technology to meet their commercial objectives and improve the human experience.

We have completed dozens of successful projects for the world’s largest global consultancies and networking providers. We have experience innovating management and automation solutions that drive revenue creation and reduce operating costs.

GCDO Value

We operationalize infrastructures, cloud-based and on-premises.

We help our clients keep their services up and consistently operational.

We are focused on evolving and anticipating change. 

We are dedicated to improving the end-user experience of our clients.

The Gulf Coast DevOps founders have been together as a team for 20 years.

Gulf Coast DevOps is an engineering-driven organization driven to solve complex operational and business challenges.

Since 1999, we have been pragmatically addressing and managing the challenges of a transformational set of workload deployments.

Clients engage Gulf Coast DevOps to gain access to a proven team and a proven Reference Architecture to meet their business goals.

Scott Kimmelman 
Founder & CEO
Kelly Ronan
Chief Solutions Architect
Russell Sellers
Chief Technology Officer

Mark Gossett

BoA/SVP Healthcare Solutions
Todd Bell
Board of Advisors
Dustin Goodwin
Board of Advisors
Mark Thompson
Board of Advisors

Our founding team has worked for some of the world’s most influential organizations.

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