Press Release: Gulf Coast DevOps Launches Operations

Press Release: Gulf Coast DevOps Launches Operations

The company’s DevOps for ITOps Reference Architecture and integrated business assurance services are now available

FEBRUARY 5, 2019, NAPLES, FLA. – Gulf Coast DevOps today emerged from stealth mode by launching its first suite of services: A Reference Architecture and integrated business assurance services designed to help IT Operations teams manage digital transformation projects with minimal service disruptions. 

Founded by veteran IT industry technologists,  GCDO is an engineering-oriented organization driven to solve complex operational and business challenges. The company is dedicated to empowering IT organizations to achieve operational continuity and efficiency by enabling them to effectively identify and triage IT service impacting events.

“It is paramount that organizations execute a dynamic and sound digital transformation strategy that doesn’t put current operations at risk or negatively impact customer expectations around service delivery,” said Scott Kimmelman, Founder & CEO. “Gulf Coast DevOps draws on our collective experience to accelerate digital transformation and limit digital disruption by managing the evolution of business-driven IT infrastructures, IoT and edge solutions.”

GCDO is founded on agile principles of DevOps for ITOps designed to allow clients to reduce complexity and focus on innovation.  The DevOps for ITOps process removes the barriers between software development and IT operations by aligning technology with organizational and operational objectives.

“By implementing best practices in DevOps for ITOps, organizations can reduce complexity and improve outcomes, such as freeing up time to focus on innovation, improved agility and strengthened risk avoidance,” said Kelly Ronan, Chief Solutions Architect.  Toward that end, our Reference Architecture was purpose-built for implementing DevOps for ITOps for enterprise clients, service providers and organizations that rely on their IT infrastructure to deliver business services.”

The GCDO Reference Architecture

The GCDO Reference Architecture, which is designed to overlay any infrastructure, enables complex infrastructure to deliver revenue-generating services.  It allows organizations to:

  • Adapt to the continuous state of change while ensuring that IT services are operating effectively and efficiently.
  • Enable agile environments by supporting changes to infrastructure systems, Unified Communications, or event script changes. 
  • Provide operational views to help our clients understand whether their infrastructure is working or not working, delivering or not delivering.

Since 1999, the founders of GCDO have been pragmatically addressing and managing the challenges of a transformational set of workload deployments. The company is focused on operationalizing infrastructures, whether cloud-based or on-premises; keeping services up and consistently operational; and improving the end-user experience of our clients.

About Gulf Coast DevOps

Gulf Coast DevOps represents the passionate pursuit of its founders to apply the collective experience of the past 20 years to assist todays’ innovators, service providers and consumers in speeding adoption of technology to meet their commercial objectives and improve the human experience.  We have completed dozens of successful projects for the world’s largest global consultancies and networking providers. We have experience innovating management and automation solutions that drive revenue creation and reduce operating costs.  You are invited to follow GCDO on the Web,  LinkedIn and Twitter (@gulfcoastdevops).

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