GCDO Service Creation Methodology™

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Using best-in-class tools, we drive your digital transformation initiatives toward measurable business outcomes.

GCDO’s outcome-based process flow.

Outcome-Based Delievery. Complex problems require state of the art tools that help organizations build a transformation strategy that is founded on meeting the needs of the business while delivering value.

The GCDO model establishes a digital transformation plan that:   

  • Considers unique needs of the business and their customers.
  • Determines requirements based on these prerequisites.
  • Uses these requirements as guideposts to ensure an optimal solution based on best-in-class technology.
  • Accommodates the design and implementation of a framework to deliver, launch and operate these services.

Our delivery model provides continuous service improvement and incremental ROI as the deliverables are rolled into service.

The GCDO service creation experience.

Emphasis on Collaboration The GCDO model delivers innovation and enables a responsive feedback mechanism throughout the process as changes occur.  Through constant communication, collaboration and the ideation of concrete objectives we remove traditional project bottlenecks and ensure alignment between delivered and expected outcomes.

GCDO’s ITOps management platform is founded on best in class solutions and is purpose built to improve service assurance and operational efficiencies for large, complex, mixed vendor environments.

GCDO service creation modules.

  1. Service Design Blueprint: A high-level architecture document used to define key stakeholders, business case validations, technical integrations and operations designs and support service architecture alignment with enterprise goals.
  2. Project Management: An experienced GCDO project leader is assigned to work directly with each customer. This ensures a collaborative approach to mitigate risk and adapt changes in an agile process towards a successful outcome.
  3. Technical Design Blueprint: A comprehensive design of the solution elements is drawn-up to explain and provide a detailed parts overview of the end-to-end solution. The Technical blueprint often includes custom code development, third-party and billing integrations, user stories and solutions wireframes to help customers visualize the future state of their service environment.
  4. DevOps: We leverage DevOps to support a collaborative and agile production environment in combination with the GCDO service modules. DevOps begin by building a backlog from the blueprint to prioritize and manage a real time project checklist. 
  5. Operations: Whether designing a serviceability or a maintainability solution, GCDO prepares every engagement for a seamless hand-over to our customers operations teams. We provide additional service solution support as requested.
  6. Training: We offer a variety of training options including onsite and remote content delivery, and bespoke development as required to meet transformation goals.

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