The Problem We Solve

A good digital transformation strategy serves as a catalyst for business and technological change. Protecting the value you provide to your customer requires you to balance and manage the digital disruption that results from the advancement of your strategy and the proper execution of your transformational journey.

GDCO accelerates digital transformation and limits digital disruption by managing the evolution of business-driven IT infrastructures, IoT and edge solutions. We create highly secure and highly scalable digital strategies that harness complexity to the business’s advantage.

Our clients are service providers and enterprises that are measured on their ability to rapidly adapt to emerging technologies. We help them execute on the appropriate service assurance strategy to drive down risk and drive up positive business outcomes.

GCDO service assurance solutions effectively and efficiently assure the availability and performance of business services with our actionable intelligence. We will monitor and manage your service-delivery infrastructure remotely or via managed Platform-as-a-Service.

The GCDO service assurance platform provides…
  • Full-stack detection and monitoring
  • True root cause analysis with actionable intelligence
  • Business service monitoring and prioritization
  • Streamlined remediation and management workflows
  • Flexible deployment models.
Proactive, predictive and focused on the business…
  • Prioritize and address problems before they impact business services
  • Protect revenue
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce IT costs.

“I&O leaders focused on an IT operations transformation to drive business value should tightly align IT operations monitoring goals and outcomes with the business by focusing on end-user experience and customer journeys.”

– Gartner, 2018 Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring

Full Stack Detection and Monitoring

Don’t Just React… Predict and Prevent

*Predictively and proactively detect and prevent impending problems

*Automatically detect abnormalities and their potential business service impact

*Detect potential and recently occurring issues that traditional platforms miss

Full Stack Detection and 
Monitoring delivers:

*End-to-end, top-to-bottom management from infrastructure to business applications

*Smart Analytics with machine learning

*Integrated fault, performance and flow data

*Hybrid network and systems support

*Application specific management enhancements

True Root Cause Analysis with Actionable Intelligence

Don’t Just Know… Know WHY

*Resolve problems quickly by understanding why they occurred – or prevent them by understanding why they could

*Reduce false alarms

*Maintain smooth business operations

Root Cause Analysis engine delivers:

*Actionable Intelligence that allows the operations team to quickly address the problem

*Multi-perspective analysis to quickly and accurately pinpoint root cause

*Optimized workflows with automation to validate the problem before creating a ticket

Business Service Monitoring and Prioritization

Don’t Just Manage IT Systems… Manage the Business

*Prioritize based on business impact and 
risk of impending problems

*Understand and predict business performance degradations

*Manage SLAs based 
on business service availability and performance

Business Impact Monitoring delivers:

*Real-time and predictive situational awareness of business processes

*Real-time and historical business service status

*Graphical view of service dependency mapping to easily understand business impact

*Integration to orchestration platforms to gain additional business service statistics

Streamlined Remediation and Management Workflows

NOC/Support Desk workflows are driven by our customer’s context and their business priorities

*Ensure experts have all information required to quickly and effectively address incidents

*Minimize business impact and MTTR

management costs

The GCDO Service Assurance Platform delivers:

*Machine learning and automation across our customers’ networks.

-Immediate understanding of our customer’s business context based on automations and BIM

*Operational efficiencies for more effective management

-Route tickets directly to the appropriate experts who can address the incident (in context of the customer’s business priority)

*Secure, streamlined access

-Address problems across multiple sites remotely

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