TruCare: Automated
Contact Monitoring.

TruCare provides a simple solution for
monitoring all of your contacts.

Don't let COVID-19 contacts overwhelm your team.

The automated TruCare utility has the scalability to address the challenge.

Contact tracing teams are overwhelmed. Each patient diagnosed with COVID-19 may have exposed 5 to 25 individuals. One new case investigation per day over two weeks can result in more than 200 contacts.

Contact tracers spend 1-2 hours on the initial patient's case investigation; up to 1 hour tracing each contact; and 3-5 minutes daily checking in on the contacts for 14 days (CDC guidance).

Follow-up alone requires one full-time equivalent for an entire day on the phone. In the surge of new COVID-19 patients and their contacts, there's no time for contact monitoring.

TruCare automates the time-consuming chore of contact monitoring. As a SaaS utility, it deploys at scale – quickly and economically.

TruCare In Depth
TruCare in Action

Don’t rely on just self-reporting to meet the CDC’s 14-day monitoring requirement.

Let TruCare handle it for you.

TruCare frees your contact tracing team to focus on new patients entering your system of care.
This increases your team's efficiency and helps you get ahead of the curve.

The Software-as-a-Service utility is easy to implement and secure. You can begin reaching out to your contacts right away.

The TruCare team will guide you through our zero-touch implementation and help you set up daily reports.

TruCare is a pay-as-you go service with a flat charge for each contact monitored only for the days they are in the program.

How TrueCare Works.

TruCare reaches out to each identified person on a daily basis at the time of their choosing via text or interactive voice response, on any device. TruCare manages the increasing workload at scale – as a subscription service.

TruCare enables contact tracing teams to:

  • Retain focus on new patients and communications.
  • Sustain contact monitoring without additional staff.
  • Support any language.
  • Reach contacts 24/7.

TruCare enables contact tracing teams to focus on patient care.

Easy to Use
Cost Effective
Safe & Secure
Any Telephone
Flexible Reporting
24/7 Support

Start getting back with TruCare.

TruCare is a turnkey monitoring utility that plugs into your current system. This allows contact tracing teams to focus on improving patient care. Add TruCare to your system today.
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Public Health

TruCare contact monitoring focuses contact tracers on new patients and new contacts.

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TruCare can help provide a safer environment for students, faculty and school employees.

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TruCare can help mitigate the risk of exposure and get people back in the office.

For current service providers, TruCare is an ideal addition to your existing contact tracing offers. Contact us to see how to integrate TruCare for your customers.