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Workflow and process automation brings efficiency and effectiveness to ITOps management. The GCDO Workflow and Process Automation (WPA) platform provides the ability to rapidly generate automations using a low-code building block approach.

The goal is to help customers leverage these automation tools to optimize the skilled personnel resources their organization has at its disposal. This drives down the “time to value” aspect of delivering services and products to customers. Through the use of the GCDO WPA platform, DevOps and ITOps professionals are able to spend more time on higher-value projects that better serve the organization.

Benefits of the WPA platform include:

  • Focus on Service Assurance – Reduce noise with holistic ITOps management.
  • Advanced Automation Functionality – Zero touch provisioning and orchestration.
  • Event Management and Response – Closed-loop automation and self-healing infrastructure.
  • Service Provisioning – Seamless integration for business services, faster time to value.
  • Compliance – Greater visibility to identify and manage risks.
  • Data Mediation – Consolidate data across silo’d systems for a single source of truth.
  • Hybrid Control – Variety of deployment options gives users flexibility and control over infrastructure management.
  • Platform Architecture – Orchestration, automation and response are combined with life cycle management and open APIs to underpin the full functionality of the platform.

Architectural layers of the GCDO best-in-class automation platform.

The GCDO platform provides superior automation capabilities that can be rapidly developed and deployed. We bring you the industry’s most comprehensive, consolidated and integrated solutions to handle all your monitoring, remediation and operational needs and enables ongoing digital transformation.

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